Community Chevrolet Inc

Auto Car Truck Dealer
16408 Conneaut Lake Rd
Meadville, PA

We all want to take great care of our cars and trucks without breaking the bank, and Community Chevrolet Inc can help you do just that. We are a leading auto car truck dealer in the Meadville area with great experience in fixing cars the right way, right from the start. Beyond just our experience and service, we are backed by our great relationships with highly-trusted members of the automotive community. Drop by our 16408 Conneaut Lake Rd location in Meadville, PA, 16335 any time. If you have any questions you can always contact at 814/724-7110.

Here are just a few of the repairs we offer at Community Chevrolet Inc:
Brake pads replacements
Air Filters replacements
Brake rotor replacements
Check engine lights diagnosed
Wiper blades replaced
Fuel filters replaced
Belts and hoses replaced
Batteries replaced
Tie rod ends replaced
Coolant flushed
Brake calipers replaced
Shock & struts replaced
Ball joints replaced
Spark plug wires replaced
CV joint axles replaced
Thermostats repaired
Alternators replaced
02 sensors repaired
Water pumps repaired
Ignitions serviced
Starter repaired or replaced
Mufflers repaired
Timing belts replaced
A/C Compressors or Condensers repaired
Universal joints repaired or replaced
Radiators repaired or replaced
Engine/Transmission mounts repaired
Catalytic converters repaired
Auto transmissions repaired or replaced
Power steering pumps replaced
Manual clutchs replaced
Rack & pinion units repaired or replaced
Engines installed
Tire pressure monitors replaced